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American Lawn & Tree Arborists - ISA Certified

Consultants for Arboriculture and Environmental Sciences

We cure sick trees! Since 1970 American Lawn and Tree Arborists, Division of American Pest Control has been managed by William "Doc" Pickhardt, B.C.A. who is the third generation of Pickhardt's engaged in environmental services in southwest Florida. American specializes in organic and conventional lawn and ornamental health care programs for home and commercial customers using state of the art modern technologies.

Wan't a healthy lawn?

Call American Lawn and Tree Arborists at 1.800.404.3033

Here in Florida landscapes can be beautiful but the lawn and gardens need care also. We have programs that allow you to help and/or programs that do it all for you.

Winter residents?

We can provide all the services you need, including phone or email contact while you are gone. Let us be your watch dog as well as your gardner. We can take care of mold and mildew on your home exterior also.

Palm tree specialists

From trimming to fertilizing to diagnosing disease and vigor problems. We can do it all. Mangrove trimming. We are licensed by the State of Florida to provide mangrove trimming.

Oak and ornamental tree care. We can make them beautiful.

ISA Certified Arborist
Organic Gardens - Shrub Care

"Honor the earth and its inhabitants!"

American follows all current recommendations from the University of Florida.

Landscape plants not looking good? Call American Lawn and Tree Arborists at 1.800.404.3033

If you have children or pets, or if pesticides are an issue with you, contact a technician at American Lawn and Tree Arborist for a free phone consultation.

Established in 1900, American Lawn and Tree Arborist has been serving southwest Florida since 1970. Protecting your familiesí health and home since 1900, we strive to provide holistic, organic plant health care programs for your lawn and gardens. We believe in plant management, not pest management. Healthy plants usually can manage without the use of pesticides. However, when pests cannot be controlled naturally, we strive to use natural pest control compounds whenever possible so as to create the least amount of environmental impact.

ISA Certified Arborist
Organic Gardens - Shrub Care

"Honor the earth and its inhabitants!"

Our service program features EcoSMART's patented botanical products. American Lawn & Tree Arborists utilize natural or organic alternatives whenever possible to solve our customers' lawn or sick tree problems.

“Our biggest job is protecting the environment!”

Lawn Care Services

Healthy lawns require proper care depending on species. Mowing height, water; core aeration and fertilization are very important to successful lawn care. We consult with our clients regularly to be sure they have the most beautiful lawn possible. Whether you select our high organic lawn program or our newest standard program recommended by Dr. Tim Brochat from the University of Florida you will find we provide the best possible lawn care with the least environmental impact.

Florida Certified Tree Arborists

Our certified arborists specialize in holistic, natural and organic tree care. Our consulting ISA Board Certified Arborist directs specialties such as mangrove trimming and repair along with palm and tree health care programs.

Other Services

Other services we provide include tree preservation and rehabilitation including root collar excavation, soil replacement, vertical mulching and soil amendments using the new air spade device. We also provide resistograph studies, the EKG for trees so as to extend their lives for as long as possible.

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American Lawn & Tree Arborists proudly serves the following areas in Florida: